Story number 1 for 3 Mar 2003

By March 3, 2003

(Zimbabwe)–Our top story: the United Nations is blaming Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, for the poverty of his nation. As the charges of lawlessness and corruption grow against him, he has reacted by blaming other elements while increasing pressure and harassment. Bible Pathway Ministry’s Ken Sharp says their work has come under fire. “They’re trying to limit the ministry outreach, not so much just putting the fear into the individual, but the repercussions to their family and their friends, which often times is a greater hindrance than the actual persecution to the individual that’s doing the work.” Sharp says they are watching the situation, even as the word ‘successor’ circulates. The main concern is what could happen under new leadership. “Should the present government leaders be replaced? Would it improve, or would it just continue on in the same way it’s going, perhaps with difference emphasis, but no better improvements for the people themselves.”

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