Story number 1 for 3 May 2002

By May 3, 2002

(Philippines)–We begin today in the Philippines. Muslim extremists holding New Tribes Missionaries, Martin and Gracia Burnham have ruled out further negotiations and threatened to kill the couple if the U.S.-backed pursuit of the outlaws gets too close. New Tribes Mission’s Scott Ross says this threat adds to the mounting alarm and frustration they have as they try to secure the Burnhams’ release. “Is everything that can be done, being done, versus everything that the USA is able to do? So, at times, I think it is frustrating to really understand all that is happening and, is there more that could be done if politics weren’t in the way?” Although it’s hard for New Tribes, Ross reminds us that the Burnham children have had a rough go of it, too. ” There are times of strength, and they just really see God’s hand in their life, and working through these situations. Sometimes, as we all do, we get depressed and down…and so, we just need that constant prayer to continue to encourage the kids.”

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