Story number 1 for 30 Jul 2001

By July 30, 2001

(Ghana)–Topping the news, Ghana is faced with the prickly issues of governmental corruption and continuing economic troubles. The resulting unemployment in the country is forcing the government to try new skills training programs. Christians in Action’s Doug Sutherland says they’re launching a missions team early next month to help meet a need in this area. “Last year, we had about four-thousand acres of land donated to our ministry and as a result of that, we’re actually building a training center. We are trying to help the people do things that will help them to maintain a livelihood. Anything the people can learn to do to learn to help sustain themselves is going to be good for the people and good for the country.” Sutherland says this also means a change in way of life. He adds that the support and training they provide for indigenous missions clears the way for evangelism. “It just gives us an open door to share the Gospel. We found that with the medical missions, we found that with this type of work where you go in and you meet a practical need, and it gives the open door to share the Gospel.”

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