Story number 1 for 30 May 2000

By May 30, 2000

We begin today looking at the turmoil in Peru. Fraud and corruption were two charges overshadowing the political process in the days lead up to and following polling action. There were violent clashes between police and demonstrators protesting alleged government deception. In the midst of this, Sammy Tippit Ministries held an evangelistic crusade in the country. He says the response to the Gospel was unlike anything he’d ever seen. “People are divided throughout the nation, and it’s just a real time of nervousness and fear and anxiety among the people. Because of the unrest, people say “Oh, God, we need you.” ” Tippit says even though the ministry team has gone, the body of Christ is expectantly continuing the work. He adds that he has this prayer for the country: “My hope, my desire is to that this will bring the Peruvian church to the place where they will seek God with all of their hearts, for a mighty outpouring of His spirit that would result in a revival and a transformation, spiritually and morally within the nation.”

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