Story number 1 for 4 Feb 2002

By February 4, 2002

(Congo)–In the Democratic Republic of Congo, many of the thousands who fled the lava flow in Goma are returning to the ruin of their homes, rather than live in refugee camps. Harsh conditions continue to threaten the survivors. Lack of sanitation, housing and food, among the biggest problems. African Enterprise International’s Malcolm Graham. “Our office there are prepared to buy the materials for housing and acquire stuff for them which will then push through to those areas where the churches and volunteers are actually able to take that material and help those dear people.” Graham says their workers are addressing spiritual needs, but is asking for help with the physical crisis. “Financial assistance is what’s really needed. There’s no concerning pots and pans from America, but if funds can be sent down [to] our office and other agencies that are working there, we would be able to make sure that those funds purchased the right type of equipment, material, and food and maybe whatever they need.”

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