Story number 1 for 4 Jan 2002

By January 4, 2002

(Indonesia)–Indonesia headlines today’s news as the Laskar Jihad is attacking Christians in Sulawesi. Christian Aid Mission is helping the local church physically and spiritually. Christian Aid’s John Lindner explains the situation. “There were four churches in the city of Palu. And, two of those were Presbyterian Church, an Adventist Church and two Pentecostal Churches. But, thankfully nobody was killed. The home of one of the suspected bombers in Palu was raided and they found there plans to bomb every church in the city and enough explosives to make over 100 bombs.” While fear continues to reign on the region, Lindner says it’s having a positive impact on the church. “As you know, not everyone in a church is a committed believer and many of them are finding Christ and a deeper relationship with him as the Gospel is being preached among the refugees.” Christian Aid Mission is helping families rebuild in the region. Call our resource line to find out how you can help.

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