Story number 1 for 4 May 2000

By May 4, 2000

The Russian Republic of Chechnya is where we begin today’s newscast. According to Russian Ministry’s Sergei Rakhuba, they’re on the brink of an incredible ministry opportunity in that Muslim area. Food for the Poor donated 10 containers of clothing to give to the thousands of refugees in the region. “Missionaries and volunteers and Christians from all the evangelical churches in the area will take these goals to the refugee camps. And, then start to build relationships and friendships and tell them and share the Gospel with them.” Russian Ministries needs 19-thousand-dollars for in-land transportation so this incredible ministry opportunity can happen. Rakhuba says this shipment is vital to their outreach plans. “When you come and start preaching, you know, they don’t accept this preach, they are saying, hey we have a different religion so go away. But, if you come and bring some help then they open their hearts for listening.”

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