Story number 1 for 4 May 2001

By May 4, 2001

(Indonesia)–Headling today’s news, reports out of Indonesia indicate Christians continue to face difficulties on the Island of Ambon. Brittany Jarvis with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board explains the persecution facing believers. “Forced conversions to Islam. We think there are still some Christians being held up in a Muslim mosque. Many of these people are also undergoing forced circumcisions, both women, children and men as well. With the Laskar Jihad involved you could be persecuted and even killed for your faith at any moment.” Jarvis is asking people to pray for their one missionary who is there and in danger. She explains why. “Just to be a Christian is living dangerously. If you’re out there trying to evangelize that’s even worse. The Muslims have not made it a secret that their mission is to wipe out Christianity from the Islands and if you are out there trying to evangelize, you are going to be a prime target.”

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