Story number 1 for 4 Sep 2001

By September 4, 2001

(USA)–We begin today in the United States where it’s back to school time in much of the country. Many schools are taking precautions against youth violence and drug abuse. However, Awana Clubs International’s CEO Jack Eggar (AY-gahr) says as their programs begin for the year, they can have an impact on a potentially troubled young persons future. “As kids have a wonderful time in the program their apt to begin bringing their friends. And so, most any church, if they run the program well, they won’t have a problem getting the kids. And these kids, they’re going to sit under the preaching of the Gospel. They’re going to begin to learn Biblical truths and these truths are going to make a real impact on their hearts.” As the 50-thousand plus clubs begin meeting, Eggar has one prayer. “My prayer is that Awana will be more effective in reaching into the inner cities. We, more than ever before, are targeting churches in the inner city and helping them reach the kids. There’s such a need for the Gospel it’s even hard to describe.”

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