Story number 1 for 5 Jan 2001

By January 5, 2001

We begin today in violence-plagued Indonesia, where recent church bombings are not curbing the call for missions in that country. Mike Sohm, with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, says while the violence is real in Indonesia, there’s a great need for missionary workers. “Many hearts are open at a time like this. And, it’s such a challenging and difficult time for believers because they are persecuted. There is so much violence. And, so for people from other nations to go there to act maybe as agents of reconciliation to share the love of Christ is just a powerful testimony of the Grace of God.” Sohm says they have a need to help thousands of refugees displaced by the Muslim/Christian violence. “We have need for financing for some of the development projects that we will enter into and we’re looking at some efforts for relief for refugees who have been displaced by the violence. We have some funds on hand, but we’ll probably have to raise additional monies for that.”

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