Story number 1 for 5 Jun 2002

By June 5, 2002

(India)–We begin today’s newscast in Kashmir, where the Pakistani/Indian threat of war is hurting Christian radio outreach in that border region. Lee DeYoung is the Vice President for Broadcasting at Words of Hope. He describes how the conflict is affecting their potential for broadcasting. “We were going to record some pilot programs outside of Kashmir during the month of June. However, those plans are now uncertain. We’re finding that it’s difficult for people who live in Kashmir to get out and of course it’s difficult for people who don’t live there to get in because of the obvious concern and uncertainty about risk.” DeYoung is asking people to pray that the conflict will end in the region so the Gospel can be heard. Something DeYoung says is essential. “As in many of these conflicts there are incidents that outrage one side or the other all the way around. They cycle somewhere has to stop. We believe the Gospel, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, is the only answer to that.”

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