Story number 1 for 5 Mar 2001

By March 5, 2001

(El Salvador)–Topping the news, an appeal from El Salvador’s president for more help has fallen on fertile soil. The Bush Administration plans to grant El Salvador increased U.S. aid to repair damage left by a string of devastating earthquakes earlier this year. Christians In Action’s Bob Spencer says everything helps because that allows them to share the hope of the Gospel. “We sent another $2500; it seems like such a small amount to give to them to go to such a devastated area, but we wanted to get them back as quickly as we could. They’re working with some folks that were trained by Christians in Action a number of years ago. They’re going back with a larger team on Easter.” Spencer says they need the support of fellow believers. “There is so much to be done and sometimes we feel like we’re just out there doing it alone. But, we know that we’re not; we know that the body of Christ is standing strong and ready to respond to human suffering. This is right in our own backyard. We really have to respond quickly and effectively in El Salvador.”

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