Story number 1 for 5 Nov 2001

By November 5, 2001

(Pakistan) — We begin today in Pakistan where we get an update on the Afghan refugee situation. World Vision‘s Brian Hatchell is in Islamabad where they’re staging their relief and development work. Hatchell says while the borders are closed, many unregistered refugees are crossing the border illegally. “They are filtering toward the urban communities setting up slums. And, they’re trying to find means to support themselves because they’re not receiving any relief supplies. These are some of the refugees that World Vision is look at reaching out to.” Hatchell says in all there are two-point-five million refugees in Pakistan alone. He says helping the poor is an example of what Christ would do. “We believe that this is exactly where Jesus Christ himself, if he were walking the earth today would be. He would come into a place in Central Asia where literally 10-million children are suffering and he would do everything within his means to help them.” Call 1-888-511-6593 to help.

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