Story number 1 for 6 Apr 2001

By April 6, 2001

(China)–We begin today’s newscast with a look at United States/China relations and the impact it could have on evangelism in that country. Voice of the Martyrs works with the persecuted church in China. V-O-M’s Todd Neddleton says the spy plane crisis could cause problems for secret work. “Anything that causes the Chinese Government to take a closer look at Americans coming in to China, crossing the border and so forth, has the potential to cause some difficulties for mission workers. Whether they be carrying in Bibles and other Gospel materials, or whether they be tent-making ministers there in China.” Neddleton is encouraging Christians around the world to pray for Christians going into China. “Pray for those who are carrying in Gospel materials — that they will have no trouble. The Lord has a way of blinding eyes when that’s necessary and you can pray that he will do that for the literature and other Christian material that’s going in to China.”

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