Story number 1 for 6 Aug 2002

By August 6, 2002

(Pakistan)–Our top story today comes from Pakistan. News reports indicate six Pakistanis were killed and at least three people wounded when masked men burst into the compound of a Christian missionary school near Islamabad and opened fire. Open Doors’ Terry Madison says this is evidence of open aggression against believers. “Muslims see Christianity as a western religion. Because of the volatility of Pakistan and the Afghan situation, and because of the number of radical Islamic leaders in Pakistan, there have been a number of attacks on Christian facilities.” Madison says as far as their outreach in the country, it will continue, but believers need support. “Because of the volatility of the situation there, this is not a problem that I see that will go away quickly. It just means that we just need to keep showing up, as we do with open doors, and stand alongside the church and stand with them in prayer.”

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