Story number 1 for 6 Feb 2003

By February 6, 2003

(Iraq)–We begin today’s newscast at the United Nations, where Secretary of State Colin Powell has made his case for use of force in Iraq. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner says the tensions are mounting ever higher for those in ministry in those areas. “I think it will be quite dangerous for Christians living in Iraq. There are Christians there, evangelical Christians there, and we certainly want to pray for them, that they might be able to stay out of harms’ way. There are Christians in other neighboring countries who have ministries reaching out to people of Iraq. So, they have been able to take in relief goods: clothing, food.” Lindner urges sensible response to the situation in Iraq. “I think that right now, prayer is the main thing that we can do. I don’t think that we can tell the State Department or President Bush how to run the country. But, we can certainly pray for the leaders of our country. We also need to pray for the believers who are in Iraq, as well as those in neighboring countries that they may be able to bring ministry to those who might be hurting.”

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