Story number 1 for 6 Nov 2001

By November 6, 2001

(India)–We begin today in India where thousands of Dalits rejected Hinduism over the weekend. One million untouchables were expected, but Gospel for Asia’s K-P Yohannan says government intervention made that kind of participation impossible. “The day before the rally must take place it was forcefully announced through the media that the rally was canceled. So, hundreds of thousands of people never was able to start their journey because misinformation was placed by the opposition.” Trains and buses were also stopped. An estimated 100-thousand people attended. Yohannan cautions this was only the beginning of what could be a mass turning to Christ. “Anyone who just raised their hand or says we want to be Christians are not automatically part of the kingdom of God. It only happens through the work of the Holy Spirit as we present God’s word. And, the sad thing is 99-percent of these people never had a chance to hear even the name Jesus.”

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