Story number 1 for 7 Jan 2003

By January 7, 2003

(Ivory Coast)–In the headlines, under the guidance of France’s foreign minister, Ivory Coast’s government and the main rebel group pledged this weekend to stick to an increasingly shaky October truce. A four month-long civil war has split the country in two. New Tribes Mission’s Guy Sier is waiting to see how the accord plays out. He says the fighting forced them to withdraw their teams from all of their tribal sites in the north. “There is still some work being done in language and translation. But, as far as actual presence or teaching in the villages, that part has had to come to a halt.” Sier explains that’s why keeping the peace accord is critical. He adds that are others to consider who did not evacuate. “We can pray for safety for missionaries who are still remaining in-country. Our missionaries are in Abidjan, but there are a few missionaries who have medical ministries and aid ministries who, by necessity, are out in some of the more fringe areas.”

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