Story number 1 for 7 Mar 2002

By March 7, 2002

(Liberia)–Liberia’s state of emergency is topping today’s headlines. The situation is rapidly deteriorating between rebel and government troops. Looting is often the result of an attack on an unsecured area. That, in turn, is affecting the relief work of Non-Governmental Organizations like World Vision International. World Vision’s Jonas Ngelango (jo-LAHNG-go). “The attacks got so frequent. These, particularly, have affected World Vision areas of operation. We had to evacuate our staff from three of the counties of Liberia. Basically, our base was completely looted.” Ngelango says their work speaks volumes about Christ, but they need both prayer and financial support. “We just need to continue being around and being with the people to show them that God cares, because, the normal population of Liberia feel like the world has abandoned them; they’re on their own.”

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