Story number 1 for 7 May 2002

By May 7, 2002

(India)–Today’s newscast opens with the conflict in India’s government. Ruling Hindu nationalists have backed an opposition parliamentary motion expressing anguish over deadly religious violence in Gujarat. Even as the rioting and slaughter continues, Christians are trying to bring peace. DaySpring International’s John Gilman says they’re working not only to bring the Gospel, but meet humanitarian needs. “As we’re experiencing terrorism here, they are experiencing Hindu terrorism there, so, they’re amazed that Christians would reach out and touch them in this hour of need. So, I say there’s an open door at the same time for compassionate ministry touching the very keenly felt needs of these precious people.” Gilman says part of that is showing their film, ‘Dayasaga’. During the last two decades, the all-Indian acted life of Christ motion picture has been viewed by more than 70 million who live in India’s sprawling villages. “They’re more open to it now than ever. And, as other folks of the Indian society look at this atrocity, they’re shocked too, that not everyone is pleased with this by any means and so, it naturally draws them to more interest in the compassionate, forgiving, loving message of Christ.”

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