Story number 1 for 8 Aug 2002

By August 8, 2002

(Indonesia)–Topping the news, there have been increasing reports of Jihad terrorist strikes against Christians throughout Indonesia. While the violence has largely been centered around Poso and other nearby areas, it may be spreading. That troubles AMG International’s Harold Lovestrand. “We are certainly concerned because if it does spread, that could be very bad eventually for the churches that we work with. But, we’re working in the south and very removed from that area, so I don’t think it will affect our churches, at least not immediately.” AMG’s Paul Jenks echoes those thoughts, but says most of the believers they work with are taking the tragedy as a call to missions. “These tensions are just going to get more pointed and more difficult if Jesus isn’t brought to these people and they know Him as Lord and Savior. So, we can pray specifically for that–that evangelism and outreach will be refocused and emphasized in Indonesia and throughout the whole Muslim world.”

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