Story number 1 for 8 Jun 2001

By June 8, 2001

(Afghanistan)–We begin today’s newscast with a look into Afghanistan. That predominately Muslim nation is facing drought conditions and spiritual darkness beyond compare. Ray is with Voice of the Martyrs. He says hundreds of thousands of people are now in refugee camps. “For the past five years there has been just an extreme drought in the country of Afghanistan. It’s a famine type situation and not only that, the Afghanis are not receiving any aid at this point because of their militant Islamic stand.” According to Ray, people need to pray that God would open the eyes of the Taliban. He says it’s a very repressive government. “And kind of Christian activity is absolutely forbidden by the Taliban. Recently I received some information that said they were actually searching homes, and if they found any piece of literature or anything the people would be punished severely or even – could be killed.”

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