Story number 1 for 9 Jan 2003

By January 9, 2003

(North Korea)–We begin today in North Korea where tensions continue to build with the threat of war. In addition, there is a growing food crisis. Food for the Hungry’s Beth Allen says they are in the process of determining the extent of their response. “Over 20-percent of the population is in dire need of food aid this year. The political situation there combined with some really bad weather conditions, drought and even flooding in the last couple of years, have left people in the population vulnerable. We’re particularly concerned with children under the age of five and the elderly.” Allen says getting humanitarian aid into North Korea is a challenge, but one that can be met by the love of Christ. “These are people who are absolutely powerless in the world. They have absolutely nothing to do with the policies of their government, and those are the kinds of people that we want to help, particularly, are those people who have no other resource. We are very strongly commanded by the Bible, particularly, to help those who are helpless.”

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