Story number 1 for 9 Mar 2000

By March 9, 2000

Rain has again hit flood-ravaged Mozambique as the people try to recover from weeks of flooding. Hundreds are confirmed dead and nearly a-million people homeless. Food for the Hungry’s Scott Clark explains the situation. “It seems as though the rescue period is starting to wane. We’re seeing now that people have come down from the roofs of their houses. They’re able to get around a little bit further. But, there are serious problems of malaria cases arising. There is some cholera as well as the fact that people just don’t have food.” Clark says there are more problems before them. “To get seeds and tools into peoples hands so that they can take advantage of the second cropping season. The farmers in Mozambique were very close to harvest when these incredible rains and cyclones hit. Their seeds and their food stocks were basically exhausted from the year before.” Clark says they’ll be sharing their faith as they provide these necessities in the weeks ahead.

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