Story number 1 for 9 Oct 2001

By October 9, 2001

(Tajikistan)–Headling today’s news, Christian relief organizations are concerned about the United States led attacks in Afghanistan. Food for the Hungry’s Beth Allen says people are leaving Afghanistan for boarder countries like Tajikistan. “The ministries we’ve been working with in Tajikistan have been aiding those people all already. But, they are afraid of more refugees coming over the border because of the violence and bombings and things that are going on in Afghanistan. Our Vice President for relief, who has worked in relief situations for 20 years says flat out it’s the worst he’s ever seen.” Food for the Hungry is asking for financial assistance to get workers into the region. “Because you can send supplies over, but that doesn’t say anything about the love of God really – just the supplies sitting in a warehouse. You need people to distribute it. You need people to show the love of God. We are His hands and feet.” Call 1-800-2-Hunger to help share God’s love in this hurting area of the world.

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