Story number 2 for 1 Feb 2000

By February 1, 2000

Meanwhile, in war torn Liberia, Christian ministries are helping the needy both
physically and spiritually. Feeding Starving Children International is helping the
West African Children Support Network provide safe drinking water for areas outside
Monrovia. The Network’s Maria Luykan explains. “They drink water from nearby
creeks. And these creeks are the same water way that they bath in, they drink it, the
pigs are in there. I mean they use it for latrine. People there suffer from river blindness,
all kinds of disease, cholera, dysentery.” Luykan says churches can share Christ’s love
easily in Liberia because everything is needed. “They certainly need a lot of clothing,
food, educational materials to interest them, toys, they don’t even have that. Anything
you can possibly think about in your household is really needed in Liberia right now.
But, more specific is the medical, educational and food.”

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