Story number 2 for 1 May 2000

By May 1, 2000

Next, the hostage situation in the Philippines has caused quite a bit of concern for many Christian groups working in the area. Far East Broadcasting Company’s Jonathon Mortiz says the terrorism of the extremist Muslim groups seems to be targeting Christians. He says that has created a cause for concern. “We have stations in [the] Mindanao area, and we’re very much looking at this because the same people group that murdered our two programmers in 1992 are the same group that are doing this hostage taking. We’re thinking that this will be controlled because the negotiator coming from the government is also a Muslim.” Mortiz adds that they are optimistic about the future for ministry, but need prayer. “It’s very, very hard for us to penetrate them more. But, we are reaching these people through public service announcements, news and through good programming. These times of hostage takings affects the Muslims and the Christians.”

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