Story number 2 for 1 May 2003

By May 1, 2003

(USA) Next, the 53rd National Day of Prayer marks a period in American history that reveals the heart of the people filled with uncertainty. Bible Pathway Ministries’ Mike Hall says this is the opportune time to let them hear for themselves what the Bible says. He’s referencing the 13th annual Bible Reading Marathon in Washington D.C. that began 80 hours ago. “People that walk by express grave concerns about terrorism and the threat of terrorism. People are worried and they’re concerned and they’re looking for something to believe in and something to stand on, and that’s what we’re trying to offer by reading the Bible.” Hall hopes participants recognize it is the groundwork for much more. “We believe that reading the Bible lays a foundation, and we do this or 80 hours, prayerfully, hoping that it will be the foundation for the National Day of Prayer. On the National Day of Prayer, there are many religious leaders meeting here, talking to our legislators, and we think that this is the foundation for that day.”

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