Story number 2 for 10 Apr 2002

By April 10, 2002

(Democratic Republic of Congo)–Meanwhile, civil war and volcanic eruptions aren’t stopping the Evangelical Free Church Mission from helping in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Jim Snyder is the Director of EFCM’s Compassion Ministries. “One of the biggest things that we’re looking at right now is further assistance with medical work because the economy is so flat there’s essential no currency even floating around for people to buy things or receive medical care. We’re also looking at the possibility of getting involved in a response to the AIDS crisis.” According to Snyder, while western missionaries have been out of the country, the local church has grown up. “I think they’re beginning to see the need for the development of both the laity as well as the leadership within the church. And, some of those things are beginning to take hold within the denomination. And, I see this as a very positive thing.”

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