Story number 2 for 10 Dec 2001

By December 10, 2001

(Lebanon)–Meanwhile, there’s openness to the Gospel in Lebanon despite the Palestinian/Israeli tensions in nearby Israel. A worker of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Lebanon says there’s a large Palestinian population there and she’s seeing increasing interest in Christianity. For security purposes, we’ll call her ‘Deborah’. “People are getting fed up with their religion. They’ve seen where it’s taking them and the hopelessness in it. And, so many people are wide open and hungry and thirsty for the Gospel. We find that people are really, really desperate for the true.” While C & MA’s medical work continues, Deborah says the Palestinian/Israeli violence is cause for concern. “We have a very large Palestinian population, most of them living in camps. As they see their fellow countrymen over there being attacked, they become very militant actually. And, so it’s natural to think that we as Americans would be in danger since they kind of equate us Israel some how.”

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