Story number 2 for 10 Mar 2003

By March 10, 2003

(International)–The JESUS Film Project’s goal is to make the Gospel accessible to every person on earth. With the advent of the Internet, the question now is, “How near are they to access?” The JESUS Film Project’s Mike Waid says it’s also a path into areas closed to traditional ministry. “The Internet is definitely a global community. Most of the content on the Internet is in other languages. The Internet doesn’t have any geographic boundaries, so there’s not a country that you can say the Internet is in. It’s more a global community.” Waid says the Internet is a powerful evangelistic tool. “Of the 808 languages we have available, 59 languages are available to watch online. The JESUS Film available on the Internet has no geographic boundaries, so it could be somebody who speaks French who lives in Canada, or they could live in France. It really doesn’t matter. The thing that is common is they both speak the same language.”

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