Story number 2 for 11 Apr 2002

By April 11, 2002

(Nepal)–Next, the Nepali Parliament has approved a new anti-terrorism bill this week that could have implications on Christians. The bill is aimed at stopping the Maoist insurgency that has led to an ongoing state of emergency and civil war. However, International Needs Network’s Dave Culross says there are some concerns. “In the pre-1989 years in Nepal, the laws of the country permitted any religious activity be punished by imprisonment or death. The wording of this law would be of concern if it permitted that kind of broad generalization and application.” Culross says because of the risk, mission workers need prayer. “Pray that the authorities will not, indeed, interpret legitimate religious activity as a terrorist activity or as a political activity. Pray for the religious leaders, themselves, that they won’t inadvertently do something that will cause some sort of response on the part of district authorities.”

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