Story number 2 for 11 Jan 2001

By January 11, 2001

Meanwhile, teachers could be responsible for penetrating countries closed to the Gospel. That’s the word from the Association of Christian Schools International’s Dan Egeler. Egeler says many countries are requesting Christian schools and educators. “That would allow a school to be planted in order to attract foreign investment because they would know that families would need to have their kids educated. This would be an opportunity to serve in a restricted access country where you would not be able to go under a missionary visa. We have 400 to 600 openings every year.” Egeler says they’re particularly looking for experienced teachers. “Early retirees are seeking this kind of opportunity. We have a number of those folks aready serving overseas. Typically the more experience you have the better. A first year teacher trying to adjust to teaching and life overseas sometimes can be overwhelming.” The 8th annual Christian Schools Teacher Recruiting Fair is January 29th through February 2nd call our resource line for details.

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