Story number 2 for 12 Dec 2002

By December 12, 2002

(China)–Meanwhile, even as reports continue to paint a dismal picture for some believers in China, the good news is the church is cultivating more leaders. World Help’s Vernon Brewer describes their response to the need. “We are actively involved in helping to print and distribute Bibles to the underground house church. We have heard indirectly from the pastors that at least 50-percent of all the Christians in house churches do not have a copy of the Bible themselves. And, we’re also involved in helping partner with them in providing training centers.” However, Brewer says the underground church is still struggling and needs prayer. “The government is trying to intimidate the pastors of the underground church to register so if they register, then they can have their ministries controlled by the government. The persecution is still very strong and very great, especially for the underground church at this time.”

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