Story number 2 for 13 Apr 2000

By April 13, 2000

Elsewhere, in a relative period of quiet before the storm, it appears the Islamic Sudanese government is gathering itself for a massive assault. In a recent speech, the country’s president broke off peace talks saying he had nothing to talk about except through the language of the gun. Evangelical Free Church Mission’s Jim Snyder says: “We have just recently received a report in a response to the needs that they’ve been having. They continue to have problems with famine. There is still this drape of anxiety knowing that their future is terribly uncertain.” Snyder adds that prayer is one way to encourage the believers, although: “It’s very important that we not overlook the fact that the church in Sudan is growing right now. It’s not because of what men are doing, but because the Spirit of God is using this as an opportunity to draw people to Himself. Pray for God to continue to move in the lives of these people to make an impression on the people in the north who are so far removed from Christianity.”

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