Story number 2 for 13 Dec 2002

By December 13, 2002

(Myanmar)–We turn next to Myanmar, also known as Burma. It was there that a new contemporary Gospel of John was released this month. Walk Through the Bible’s Roger Massey believes it will serve as a great tool for a spiritually hungry people. That also means there is a need for caution because: “We understand that Myanmar is a great deal like China in its views on Christianity and birthing and planting new Christian churches in the area….so, much of the work has to be done carefully.” Massey explains that releasing the Gospel of John will be instrumental to the small but growing churches. “The government would be quick to move in and close down new works. It’s much of the same problems that churches are facing in Russia and Eastern Europe when new Christians groups go in and start to try to establish a beachhead. But, what we’re mainly concentrating on is getting the Word of God into this area in an easy-to-read format.”

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