Story number 2 for 14 Aug 2001

By August 14, 2001

(Kenya)–Next, a pastors conference could be the key to seeing churches planted in the Arabic regions of North Africa. That’s the word from Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance. He just held a Frontline Shepherd’s Conference in Kenya where pastors are committing to the Great Commission. “Hundreds of pastors publicly committed to planting at least one new church within the next 12 months. And, several dozen pastors committed that they would go particularly to the unreached peoples of Northern Africa where pastors are being persecuted and even martyred.” Shibley says it’s easier for African pastors to get into these countries. However, western Christians need to get behind them. “If they are not equipped the Gospel will not advance very far. However, if they are equipped and if they’re challenged and if they’re properly resourced then they are completely willing to go and even lay down their lives for the advance of the Gospel.”

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