Story number 2 for 14 Feb 2000

By February 14, 2000

Meanwhile, education is what’s needed in the Middle East. That’s the word from Open Doors with Brother Andrew. Brother Andrew says while Bibles are readily available in the Muslim world, they’re not effective unless people can read. “Take Pakistan, the most populous nation in the entire area, 85-percent is illiterate. So what use is it to me to take Bibles there if people can not read? How can we train leadership for the church if they can not read? Our aim and our work there is to teach people read and we do that with thousands every year.” Brother Andrew says they use scripture in these classes, pointing many to Christ. He says Christians shouldn’t shy away from the Muslim world. “The Koran teaches Jesus as the great physician so, if we would be willing to go to the Muslims and pray with the sick then we would find open doors. And then, a point that is not very well known, but the Koran says that all good Muslims ought to study the Bible.”

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