Story number 2 for 16 Jun 2000

By June 16, 2000

Meanwhile, in an attempt to combat the influence of cults, France is restricting religious freedom. The national Senate approved legislation aimed at cults and other fringe religions. It allows private citizens to take legal action against “marginal religious groups” that practice “mental manipulation”. But, a Greater Europe Mission worker says the Gospel’s influence is growing. “It’s making an impact, but in ways that the churches and the evangelicals are left open-mouthed. I mean, this is the spirit of God. This type of openness is new and I think a lot has to do with France’s opening up economically. France is forced to get outside its boundaries and people are feeling a need.” As the quest for spiritual answers grows, this missionary asks that other believers pray: “…that the message be clear, honest, direct and backed up by integrity in the lives of the people who are giving the message. I still think that personal evangelism is going to be a key thing.”

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