Story number 2 for 16 Mar 2001

By March 16, 2001

(International)–We shift our focus to other countries where tolerance for Christians is low. Despite that, Evangelist Sammy Tippit is planning to hold a series of Gospel meetings soon. “We’re bringing leaders from restricted countries into a neutral spot that no one knows about, and very quietly, I’m preaching. We’re filming the meetings, and then we’re reproducing those and giving them to the leaders to bring back into the country, and in homes, and in churches, they’re actually able to conduct an evangelistic meeting.” Tippit says the technological approach on the upcoming campaign has helped the Gospel to reach even further. “God has opened a door for us to go into countries where it seems almost impossible to get into, and we’ve gone into those countries, shared the Gospel in open, large mass meetings and see thousands of people come to Christ.”

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