Story number 2 for 16 May 2003

By May 16, 2003

(Haiti)–Elsewhere, rumors of coup and a collapsing economy continue to stir pockets of unrest in Haiti. For Haiti with Love’s Don Dehart the people’s plight is worse now than it has been for nearly three decades. “Our biggest problem right now is keeping up with the extreme need to find food for people that are having trouble finding food because of the lack of money to buy it. More families know about for Haiti With Love’s program of providing rice and beans, and we’re getting more people coming asking for a little help.” On top of the instability, For Haiti has a new problem. Dehart says a missionary was recently arrested for weapons smuggling. “We need prayers to have God protect us because missionaries have come under suspicion of possibly attempting to mount a government overthrow. We’re not doing that, but that’s going to spread suspicion on all of us who are bringing in medical supplies and food and things to help the poor.”

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