Story number 2 for 17 Apr 2000

By April 17, 2000

We turn next to the Middle East, where having failed to achieve a breakthrough in peace talks with Syria, the Israeli government has lifted restrictions on Jewish settlement building in the Syrian-claimed Golan Heights. Christians For Israel’s Willem (VIL-uhm) Glashouwer explains the significance of this move. “To continue building there is, as far as I’m concerned, fully within the Biblical rights that Israel has. There has never so much peace in that area since Israel is on the Golan. Before that, Syria occupied the Golan and started shooting into Israel.” Glashouwer adds that the Exobus Project has been largely isolated from the talks. However, he says there is still a need. “People should pray-that’s the motor of our work. Pray that the doors will still be open. Pray for the young Christian volunteers who are driving these buses who speak to the hearts of the Jewish people.”

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