Story number 2 for 17 Apr 2002

By April 17, 2002

(Russia)–Next, while Afghan refugees have been the focus of relief organizations, the Chechen refugee crisis has gone unnoticed. Russian Ministries’ Sergey Rakhuba describes the situation. “Up to 400,000 refugees surrounding Chechnya today. And, they are not just Chechens, they are Russians, you know, that had to leave all their possession – their homes in Chechnya. There’s no way they can go back. The international community unfortunately doesn’t talk about it because they’re very much involved in Afghanistan.” Three of Russian Ministries 35 evangelism and church planting centers are located near the refugees. Rakhuba is appealing for help from Christians to reach these Muslim people. “They call themselves Muslims, but they were never taught in their fundamental tradition, but nobody can explain (to) you what that tradition is. So, they’re open to listen about God. We have an unlimited opportunity.”

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