Story number 2 for 17 Aug 2001

By August 17, 2001

(North Africa)–Meanwhile, satellite technology is allowing the Christian message to penetrate Muslim North Africa. HCJB World Radio and Arab World Ministries are providing Radio Almahabba, or Radio Love, which is now on the air. HCJB World Radio’s David Johnson. “It’s not an AM, FM or Short-wave radio. It’s actually direct via satellite into North Africa. The way they receive it is just like the do satellite television except they have it piped into their stereo systems in their home. It’s probably one of the highest used types of media in that area of the world.” It’s broadcasting to a potential listening audience of more than 10-million people. Johnson says it’ll be a great education and evangelistic tool. “Their idea of Christianity is whatever the west is. So, many even associate, for example, pornography with Christianity. And so, we need to help them understand that that is not what Christianity is and that there’s true hope in Him.”

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