Story number 2 for 17 Dec 2002

By December 17, 2002

(Indonesia)–Meanwhile, leaders in Singapore and Indonesia are this week looking at ways to root out the terrorists seeking shelter on their countries’ shores. Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says they’re watching the events closely. In light of the recent bombings in Indonesia, he says there is an exciting story of a young tour guide who accepted Christ after a Book of Hope distribution in Bali. “‘Not only has the Book Of Hope brought salvation for my soul, but it literally saved my life; because, had it not been for my conversion, I would have been in the nightclub the night of the bombing, and I surely would have lost my life. But instead, I was in a local church that I have joined myself to since accepting Christ.'” Hoskins says there is an undercurrent of danger for believers. “We need daily in our prayers to pray God’s protection covering over them. And then of course, to pray that God will continue to open hearts and lives to receive the message of hope and life.”

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