Story number 2 for 17 Oct 2000

By October 17, 2000

Next, there are reports of new bombing raids in southern Sudan by government forces. These same reports indicate the raids are coming with increased frequency. Far East Broadcasting Company sister, FEBA radio, has work in the area. FEBA’s Lombo Simba Lombo, explains the plight of the people. “We have generations there who have not known peace for the last 50 years or so…and, something happens in Bosnia, in East Timor, and the world is rushing there to help them, while these groups in Southern Sudan are almost extinct. But, we in Africa, we know this persecution is a religious war.” Lombo says FEBA’s wartime broadcast and outreach helped evangelism, as evidenced from a trip to the area. “We had hundreds and hundreds of people meeting us with crosses in their hands, you know small wooden crosses. They were telling us that that was a symbol of their newfound faith.”

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