Story number 2 for 18 Feb 2000

By February 18, 2000

We turn next to Jordan where a 45 year missionary veteran says there are many challenges facing Christian workers there. CB International’s George Kelsey says there are a few people there who are open to the Gospel. “There are four or five percent of the population that are nominal Christian and there’s opportunity to see some of them come. The other 95 or so percent hold very strongly to their Islamic beliefs and feel that they have the truth and they’re not so open.” Kesley, who’s staying at D & D Missionary homes in Florida, says evangelical work takes various forms. “There’s nothing like the power of the Bible. There are one or two different radio programs that are beaming in. There’s a television station in southern Lebanon-northern Israel. I think these three areas have been sort of softening up the opposition.” Pray that missionaries won’t be discouraged by the lack of response and the difficulty in learning Arabic.

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