Story number 2 for 19 Apr 2000

By April 19, 2000

Meanwhile, Christian education abroad is needed to help first and second generation Christians. That’s the word from The Mustard Seed’s Don Richardson. Richardson says Christian schools are essential in Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu areas of the world. “In the absence of Christian schools where do the children of these first and second generation Christians go to school? To public schools. And, a Christian student may be pressured, sometimes ridiculed, sometimes bullied. It’s so easy to intimidate a child.” Richardson says the Mustard Seed has established schools in those areas. He says these above average schools are inviting families of other religious faiths to join. “It’s exciting to see parents of other religious groups wanting to send their children to a Christian school and when they’re the minority they’re not bullied because of their different faith, but treated with respect and it’s a good witness to them and their families through the schools.” Richardson says people are converting to Christ.

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