Story number 2 for 19 Aug 2002

By August 19, 2002

(USA) — Next, while vacation is just about over for students in the United Stats, people in a Michigan community spent the summer praying for their children’s schools. Prayer Zone America‘s John Hulett, says they targeted 66 Grand Rapids area schools. “What we do is have a group of people meet at the flagpole. We walk around the school in a very Biblical fashion to territorially take this school back for Christ and to make it a softening area where the gospel can be shared through students.” Hulett says they’ve discovered that there’s a heart for prayer in Grand Rapids and when given the opportunity people will take advantage of it. “Part of our desire in doing the prayer walks was to sew seeds around these schools. We desire that there be 50 people praying for their local school every day.” The final school was targeted last week. The group will conclude their 91 days of prayer with a citywide prayer zone rally in mid-September and wrap it up at “See You At The Pole”.

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