Story number 2 for 19 Dec 2001

By December 19, 2001

(Indonesia)–Next, Christians in Indonesia are taking seriously the possibility of attacks in large cities there. Various sources are warning that Christian cities will be targeted by terrorist attacks this weekend with the end of Ramadan or by Christmas. The Association of Christian Schools International’s Dave Wilcox. “They [the government] are considering having martial law imposed in that area, so it sounds like the government has gotten serious about the violence and the persecution that has gone on there in Central Sulawesi. So, folks, from what we have heard, are breathing a collective sigh of relief, because this threat of a bloody Christmas, at least at this point, has not occurred.” Wilcox says the danger has effected their work. He asks believers to pray. “There are schools that are right there in the center of town, and folks see them and they know that they’re a very vulnerable target. There’s no way effective way to protect a school. So, we do ask that everyone pray for the safety of the Christian children who are there in the Central Sulawesi and the Poso area.”

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